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Mastery through dedicated, intelligent and personalized practice.


Ashtanga Yoga.  Handbalance (Inversions).  Flexibility.

Shanghai, China.

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Class Types:


For Beginners:

The following class types are a great way to start your journey with yoga.


Mysore Beginner (ashtanga yoga)

Flow Beg. (flow/vinyasa yoga)


All Level Classes

The following yoga classes are open to all levels, from beginner to advanced practitioners.  If you are new don't worry, we'll take care of you.  The first class or two will be a little confusing but go in with a smile and you'll have fun.


Inversions (handstand)

Deep Stretching (flexibility)



The following yoga classes require some background in yoga in order to attend.  For mysore class you will need to be familar with the series.  For advanced flow we just need you to know how to modify more advanced postures so you can stay safe in class.  Its about KNOWLEDGE, not strength, flexibility, or skill.



Advanced Flow