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Ashtanga Yoga.  Handbalance (Inversions).  Flexibility.

Shanghai, China.

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Inversions Classes are a chance to develop the strength and balance skills necessary to practice handbalancing, headstands and it's variations, and arm balances.


We take a step by step approach to learning the basic fundamentals of how support, correct alignment, and the skills of correcting and returning to balance in these challenging postures.


The key to handstand is learning to find a place of ease and stability and this comes from aligning the body in the easiest "stacked" position, relying more on skeletal structure and less on muscle strength.  But of course we will start to lose this position and in those moments you need the tools to understand how to return to that place of ease.  We will work on all these things step by step in the inversions class, while also giving you time to just play with your handstand.


Classes start with a warm up where we prepare the body to safely practice, work on some strength and flexibility that will make handstands easier and more fun.