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Ashtanga Yoga.  Handbalance (Inversions).  Flexibility.

Shanghai, China.

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Mysore Beginner classes are a chance for students to start to learn Ashtanga Yoga's Primary Series in order to prepare to start practicing in a Mysore class.


The class starts out as a "led class" in which the teacher will lead the class through the beginning of the series: the sun salutations and standing postures.  For new students after having been led through this series, the teacher will ask you to repeat the standing postures again in order to start to learn the sequence, breath, and correct practice of each posture.  Then you will begin to learn some of the finishing postures as well.


After a few classes like this, when your teacher sees you've got a certain amount of familiarity with the standing postures, she will start to teach the first seated postures of Primary Series, as well as completing back bending and the finishing postures.


For those looking to come to our regular Mysore classes, a few weeks attending Mysore Beginner will probably be enough to prepare yourself.