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Rob Lucas has been practicing yoga as a way of life since 1997.  This passion sent him to Mysore, India, where he spent a year developing his yoga practice, and around the world, where he has been teaching and practicing yoga with numerous internationally known and respected teachers such as Richard Freeman, Michel Besnard, and Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois.  He has also been training handstand under former Cirque du Soliel performer and internationally renouned handbalancing teacher Yuval Ayalon for several years.  Each of his teachers has had a different perspective, and from these many different influences, Rob has found his own unique style.


Rob’s experience has led him to take an individualized approach to each student’s practice, finding areas of weakness that need to be worked on or worked through, strengths to take advantage of, times when it’s necessary to push toward ones edges or to back off and simply focus on relaxed practice with the breath.  All of this done within the context of the traditional practice of ashtanga yoga.



Mastery through dedicated, intelligent and personalized practice.


Ashtanga Yoga.  Handbalance (Inversions).  Flexibility.

Shanghai, China.


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