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Born and raised in Casablanca, Sofia lived in France for a few years before starting her journey to the east. She worked as a volunteer slum schools in North India, then studied asian cultures and civilisations in Singapore, before falling in love with Shanghai.  In 2011, her health badly deteriorated and both western and TCM doctors failed to help. She was seeking a solution for her insomnia and chronic pain when her husband took her to Red Door for a trial class. There she witnessed the magic of yoga asana and started believing that the ashtanga practice does wonders. Constantly supported and inspired by her Teacher Rob Lucas, her body has radically transformed. She's realised how powerful the Yoga knowledge is and decided to dedicate herself to learning and sharing it.

In 2015 and 2016, Sofia went to Mysore to study with Sharath and Saraswathi Jois. But it's here in Red Door Yoga that she has learnt most, on a daily basis, from her teacher and her very inspiring students. She is very grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful yoga community, and to be able to share her deep love for this emancipating practice.

Mastery through dedicated, intelligent and personalized practice.


Ashtanga Yoga.  Handbalance (Inversions).  Flexibility.

Shanghai, China.

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